August 28, 2015

Tool Roll Review from Canadian Cycling

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Our tool roll was reviewed this week in Canadian Cycling, I especially love the opening (see below) and click on the link to see the full review. Thanks Andre and Canadian Cycling for the time and kind words.



“The grace and power of pro riders in full flight are an impressive sight, and many amateur riders have sought to emulate them, at least in look if not in speed. For some, presentation is so important that it’s been codified: for example, (with tongue firmly in cheek) the set of rules by the Velominati. But imitation has its limits; the reality of the average rider clashes with that of the pro ideal, which makes some of the exhortations on the list particularly hilarious, such as Rule 29: prohibition against seat bags, or “European Posterior Man-Satchels”.

But still, the Velominati do have a point. Seat bags, in general, are not very esthetically pleasing. Worse, they often attached via hook-and-loops straps around the seatpost and slowly but surely destroy your bibs over time. But without a team follow car on your every ride (or let’s face it, any ride), seat bags are a necessity, until now.

Carl & Rose Bicycle Goods, a new startup out of Toronto, with their new tool roll, offers a stylish and functional alternative to the traditional seat bag. Tool rolls are simple in concept: wrap up your tools and spare tube, strap it securely to the underside of the saddle and voila. But as is so often with simple designs, the devil is in the details, and the Carl & Rose Tool Roll have a number of clever touches……..”

See the full review here

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November 24, 2014

Christmas One of a Kind 2014

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Yes it is true we decided to take part in the Christmas One of a Kind show this year.  We are going to have all our home decor items there as well as Air Plant Brooches.  Unfortunatly no jewellery due to the OOAK catagory classifications but those goods will still be avaiable online and at other retailers.

Here are all the details you need to know about the show.

The show is open:
Thurs, November 27 – Sun, December 7
Weekdays and Saturdays: 10am – 9pm
Sunday:  10am – 6pm
Late Night Shopping
Thurs, December 410am – 11pm
Our booth is #C46

For tickets and more information about the show, please visit:

And here’s a link to get a whopping $3 off the price of admission (applicable to online ticket sales only, $1 off for tickets at the door)

Here’s some pics of studio prep gearing up to the show:


photo (5) photo (4) photo (3) photo (2) photo (1) IMG_20141123_224556

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August 5, 2014

Toronto Flower Market

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Flower market logo

This past May and June we had the chance to take part in the Toronto Flower Market  (above illustration by Courtney WotherSpoon, isn’t it great?)

It was such a blast, we met tons of interesting people, got to show off our planters under the spring sunshine and last but not lease bring fresh cut flower/succulent bouquets to the attendees.  Here are a few snaps from our prep days and then our set-up up.

Brooch club

Here’s our Set-up. On the left is May and then for June we got smart with the folding table and umbrella

may- june

Peonies and Succulents about to be made into a bouquet.  This combo makes my top 5 best combos of all time I think!


Working Messy


Working messy again, making our brooch of the month club brooches….

brooch club messy

But the above photo gets turned into these. ( found here )


Noah gave this tray the sign of approval


Also I can’t forget to mention the  feature in Chatalaine. about Natasa Kajganic the founder and organizer  of the market.  Thanks to Sian Richards for taking such a lovely picture of our planters.  Here is the link to the full article.




And last but not least Canadian Garden asked all the growers and florists taking part what our favorite flower or plant is.  Check it out here



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August 4, 2014

Getting Connected

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We’ll we have to admit that updating our blog isn’t our strong point. But in saying that we are always active on Instagram. Check out some of our latest picture below.

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June 6, 2014

Open House

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VéloColour turns 7 this year, it’s the first anniversary in our new space and it’s coming along nicely. Carl&Rose is on a roll, we have lots of new projects coming together and our showroom is nearing completion. It’s spring, there’s a barbeque, we want to see you and really do we need a reason to have a party? We think not.

Our doors are going to be open from three o’clock on. We’ll have some snacks, beverages and plenty to see. Come check out the space and say hi. Your little ones are welcome too.

If night time is more your style than come by a bit later. We’ll have something good cooking out front on the barbeque and a few beverages but feel free to bring something if you like. And hey bring along a friend or two as well.

We’re on Weston Rd. but set back from the street (everyone gets lost the first time). There is parking space for cars and limitless bicycle lock-ups

Bicycles or Driving: Keele turns into Weston Rd after St Clair. So cross over St.Clair and then turn right at the first drive way after ABC lumber, just past Gunns Rd. Then just follow the signs. We are the auto garage furthest north.

Transit: Take the Weston rd bus from Keele station it’s only about 6 minutes and get off at Gunns Rd. Again follow the balloons or turn right at the first drive way after ABC lumber, just past Gunns Rd. From there we should be hard to miss. We are the auto garage furthest north.


Saturday June 7th 3:00-11:00pm

and Sunday June 8th 12-5pm

Place: Velocolour 191 Weston Rd.


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