August 28, 2015

Tool Roll Review from Canadian Cycling

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Our tool roll was reviewed this week in Canadian Cycling, I especially love the opening (see below) and click on the link to see the full review. Thanks Andre and Canadian Cycling for the time and kind words.



“The grace and power of pro riders in full flight are an impressive sight, and many amateur riders have sought to emulate them, at least in look if not in speed. For some, presentation is so important that it’s been codified: for example, (with tongue firmly in cheek) the set of rules by the Velominati. But imitation has its limits; the reality of the average rider clashes with that of the pro ideal, which makes some of the exhortations on the list particularly hilarious, such as Rule 29: prohibition against seat bags, or “European Posterior Man-Satchels”.

But still, the Velominati do have a point. Seat bags, in general, are not very esthetically pleasing. Worse, they often attached via hook-and-loops straps around the seatpost and slowly but surely destroy your bibs over time. But without a team follow car on your every ride (or let’s face it, any ride), seat bags are a necessity, until now.

Carl & Rose Bicycle Goods, a new startup out of Toronto, with their new tool roll, offers a stylish and functional alternative to the traditional seat bag. Tool rolls are simple in concept: wrap up your tools and spare tube, strap it securely to the underside of the saddle and voila. But as is so often with simple designs, the devil is in the details, and the Carl & Rose Tool Roll have a number of clever touches……..”

See the full review here

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