Fancy Bird Headbadge

Fancy Bird Headbadge


Starting in the 16th century, ships bore a figurehead on their bow. These ornamental symbols told everyone who was coming their way. A  head badge can do the same: show off your personality, represent your philosophy, or act as a simple reminder of what you love.  Plus, they are darned pretty and always a great conversation starter.

Our head badges are designed and produced in our Toronto studio. Made to accommodate a standard 1.25-inch head tube but if you have oversized tubes please let us know and we will be more than happy to adjust the size. Headbadges with colour are cast brass, chrome plated and then hand painted, where as the ‘stencil’ style are either clear coated brass (to avoid tarnishing) or stainless steel.

All head badges with colour we recommend mounting with two part epoxy for a secure mount but they are shipped with  waterproof double-sided tape as well. The stencil style badges are mounted with screws provided, they are self tapping but Carl&Rose does recommend taking it to your local bicycle mechanic since it’s best to remove the fork prior to drilling.

Materials: This badge is Brass that has been clear coated to protect against tarnish

Screw mounting or Hammer in Rivets available.

Pro Mounting

If you’d rather not mount your new head badge yourself, have it mounted at Velocolour for $45 (while frame is being painted, $20).

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