Light House Headbadge

Light House Headbadge

This custom badge was done for a Velcolour customer looking for a badge to commemorate a special person in his life. He provided a photo of the lighthouse and we took it from there. The head tube of this bike was tapered so we had to do a double curve bend to fit the badge perfectly.

Carl & Rose makes each custom head badge from scratch, according to the wishes of each proud bicycle owner (or gift giver). Like the best tattoo artist, we’ll talk with you about what you want, working either from a sketch you provide or creating one by hand, making sure your badge lives up to your vision.

We’ll supply two sketches on any custom design. Working time is minimum two weeks. Prices vary and start in the neighbourhood of $150. Contact us at Hello(at)carlandrose.comfor a quote!


All head badges are mounted with either waterproof double-sided tape, or screws, of course, depending on the design

Note: screws provided are self tapping but Carl&Rose does recommend taking to your local bicycle mechanic since it’s best to remove the fork prior to drilling. You can also mount your head badge using two-part epoxy for a very secure mount.

Pro Mounting

If you’d rather not mount your new head badge yourself, have it mounted at Velocolour for $45 (while frame is being painted, $20).

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